Learn to invest with confidence

Playing the stock market doesn't have to be a bewildering experience. Allow me, Shishir Lall to personally walk you through my time-tested investment method.

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  • Attend Live Sessions

    Learn the basic concepts of investing from an experienced investor and allow me to demystify the inner workings of the stock market.
  • Simulated Trading

    Under my guidance, you can hone your skills in a realistic trading setting with all the excitement of real-world investing but none of the inherent risk.
  • Start Investing

    Once you're comfortable with simulated trading, take your newfound skills and knowledge to the real world and start building your portfolio!

Courses offered

  • Investment Classes

    Silver Package

    (India) INR 10,000*
              (International) USD 250*

    This package is a one-month course composed of twenty one-hour sessions. You will be given daily access to the recordings of my sessions on The Investment Method. These sessions will explain to you my 12 + 5 point method as well as acquaint you with virtual markets and enable you learn through practice.

  • Gold Package
    Investment Classes Bangalore
    (India) INR 20,000*
              (International) USD 500*

    This one-month course composed of twenty one-hour sessions will allow you to participate in live face-to-face online sessions where I will be teaching you my time tested method of how to participate and benefit from the stock market. You will also be introduced to the virtual markets and tutored in how to learn through practice. Recordings of sessions will also be available.

  • Investment Classes India

    Platinum Package

    (India) INR 80,000*
              (International) USD 2,000*

    This 5 week course is a bundle of The Investment Method as well as The Retirement Method and will provide you with all same features as the Gold package with the benefit of a one-on-one setting wherein I will personally walk you through the various facets of Investing and thinking about your retirement at a flexible time of your convenience.

  • Retirement Planning Online Classes

    Retirement Planning

    (India) INR 30,000*
              (International) USD 750*

    Working with you in a live, one-on-one online setting, I will teach you how to do live balancing of expenses, take into account life expectancy and income parameters and help you realize how you can match them with the returns on your various assets to a ensure comfortable, worry-free retirement wherein you don't outlive your assets.

* There is a limited time Inaugural offer that qualifies you for a 50% refund if a paid participant can confirm (by Email) that he/she was recommended by you to join the current or future sessions.